Jay's Landscaping | BarkblowingJay’s Landscaping is ready to provide you with unprecedented efficiency and quality when it comes to landscape detailing. Our Finn Bark Blower’s state of the art technology has eliminated the need for labor intensive hand application of bark mulch, soil / seed mixture, aggregated stone, compost and bark chips. Applications include commercial and residential mulch beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, amusement parks, rooftops, mall interior-scapes and basically anywhere precise placement of bulk material is required.


This exceptional blowing system allows us to spread large quantities of organic material rapidly, allowing the next scheduled phase of your project to start quickly.


Jay’s Landscaping is equipped to provide you with a state-of-the-art high efficiency mulch application for landscape maintenance. This eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application costs. We reduce material costs 20% to 40% by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch-spreading pattern with fine particles on the top.


Mulch reduces evaporation from the soil surface, keeps down weeds and keeps soil temperatures from becoming too hot or cold. Mulch also protects sloping ground from solid erosion and it tops solid compaction caused by driving rain on any soil surface. In addition, mulch provides ideal conditions for earthworms and other soil organisms that are necessary for healthy soil. When mulches break down it becomes compost that feeds the soil.


Applications include commercial/residential mulching of beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, amusement parks, mall landscapes and similar applications where precise placement of bulk materials is required.