Hardscapes projects are commonly considered to be of higher value than concrete and asphalt projects. The initial cost is slightly higher, however the increase in property value and lack of maintenance make hardscapes projects a wise investment. Asphalt oozes and melts in the sun and cracks and breaks after just one to two years. A hardscapes project by Jay’s Landscaping will be the last driveway, walkway and patio that your home ever needs. With numerous choices of colors, patterns and stones, not only are you getting four times the strength of concrete and 35 times the strength of asphalt, but you get beauty as well. The genuine value of a Jay’s Landscaping hardscapes project is laid in stone.


Stamped concrete has the same drawbacks of poured concrete and a few of its own. Stamped concrete cracks, breaks, heaves, moves and with most patterns, is slippery when it’s damp or wet. The colors that concrete contractors use to color the top of the poured concrete fades very quickly. Stamped needs to be sealed every year or the color fades even faster. Jay’s Landscaping’s hardscapes uses interlocking paving stones, which is what concrete contractors have models they stamp after. The color is throughout each stone, so even after years of service, the colors will be consistently beautiful. Paving repairs are simple. Just break out two stones and unzip them as much or as little that you need to repair water lines, electrical lines and then replace the stones and the repair is seamless vs. having to remove and replace the entire stamped concrete job.


Using our quality installation your driveway, patio and walkway will not sink, shift or lift up. A Jay’s Landscapes hardscapes driveway will double the load capacity of a standard poured concrete. We take great care to insure that your driveway, patio and walkway will outlast any other solid surface with beauty that is unsurpassed.

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Your Jay’s Landscaping hardscapes project is maintenance free. If you would like, we can seal your project using a high-grade silicone sealer that gives it a wet look, but it is purely aesthetic and will need to be resealed every three to four years. Sealing services include a grease and dirt removal and acid wash and a coat of sealer. The process must be done in steps and requires two days to complete. Future sealing will be required every three years, including a dirt and grease remover and seal.