Jay's Landscaping | HydroseedingJay’s Landscaping is ready to meet your hydroseeding needs.


It is well recognized that using hydroseeding for landscaping and erosion control is economical and efficient while producing sod quality results. We are always pleased to provide you with sound landscaping advice, keeping our commitment to developing and offering the best workmanship possible.


We can hydroseed any large area of lawn. Applications include residential areas, golf courses, sports fields, parks, new construction and highway sites. Depending on irrigation, watering and/or rainfall frequencies a properly hydroseeded area usually will show results in as little as three days and can be fully established in three weeks or less.


Benefits include the fact that hydroseeded ground starts growing grass from the root first. This allows the root system to go deep in the ground where moisture is at its greatest, making a very drought tolerant lawn. Comparatively, installing sod that is already established forces the grass to grow leaf stock while trying to establish a root system, making a solid sodden yard very weak in drought type conditions. Hydroseeding provides a moisture retaining mulch that allows the undisturbed seed to germinate and root quickly.