After investing time and money, all projects deserve the positive recognition that proper grading, planting and irrigation can provide. According to the US Dept. of Energy, properly designed landscaping can substantially cut energy costs and provide significant environmental benefits. Additionally, major financial publications have reported that well planned attractive landscaping was estimated to have a recovery rate of 100% – 200% upon the sale of properties.


Jay’s Landscaping has experience in all aspects of landscaping projects. We can work either independently or as a team in conjunction with a landscape architect to create the image that is intended. Our extensive experience in planting trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses allow our customers to know that the job will be done correctly and timely.


The effect that is created goes far beyond the initial project impression. Landscaping which is installed correctly and chosen for the appropriate climate and surroundings matures gracefully, creating an everlasting professional impression for years to come.


It is a common misconception that landscaping should be the final phase of a project. Experienced contractors have been known to approach landscaping as a key decision in the overall structure of the environment that they are creating. This concept can be implemented in projects both large and small.


Jay’s Landscaping would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the landscaping options that are available for the project that you are considering.

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